With more than 20 years of experience with exhibition design we cover all aspects from concept design to detailed design and production coordination. We also serve as an exhibition design advisor on new exhibition building projects.


We are furniture specialists and have designed products for leading furniture producers internationally. We base our way of working on solid solutions and we consider the smallest design detail to be of the greatest importance, a kind of signature (trademark).


Lighting is key when we have to experience colors, shapes and depth and is therefore an important element when designing buildings, products and spaces. This is why we love lighting and to design new lamps and fixtures with a twist.


Do you need a designer for space planning, custom display cases and special furniture design? We are furniture specialists and help making the exact inventory you need, whether it is for a shop, a restaurant or a private home.


Modelling a house, a product or an environment in 3D and applying materials and lighting calculated by a rendering engine can visualize a design idea close to reality. Such 3D visualizations comes handy as basis for decisions or in the use for sales material.


We have a great passion for watches and are deeply fascinated by mechanical timepieces. We strive to create watch designs that are distinctive and characteristic but at the same time elegant and stylish. Watches are a form of jewelry and they help to signal personality.


Do you have an idea or a need of special inventory? We are furniture specialists and help making the exact inventory you need. We collaborate with reliable manufacturers that delivers great quality and great service and who will meet you deadlines.


We can help you design you dream house based on you needs and wishes in close collaboration with you. We advise you in your decisions based on our experience. We cover architecture, interior design, special furniture as well as outdoor areas.


Design Studio Michael C Poulsen offers a wide range og design services as outlined above but not limited to the above.

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Our way of working is based on solid solutions
and we consider the smallest design details to be an important
part of the product,
a signature (trademark)
– Michael C. Poulsen