BCTD (Be Seated)
The high chair is inspired by Japanese woodworking traditions combined with Danish design aesthetics. It has simple, classic lines, yet it’s also memorable and distinctive. It’s a minimalist piece with high sculptural value. Design: Michael C. Poulsen

A sculptural coffee table which is based on the knockdownprinciples and thereby leaves a smaller CO2foot print. The joints are reinforced with a stainless steel fitting which is also a unique and easy memorable detail.
Design: Michael C. Poulsen & Hans Chr. Ploug

The inspiration comes from architectural landscape terrain models composed of multiple layers of contour-cut cardboard glued together to mimic thelandscape. The profile-cut oak layers are separated by a layer of distinctive wengé veneer.
Design: Michael C. Poulsen & Hans Chr. Ploug

ROCKING STOOL (Award winning design)
Rocking stool will challenge the user for playfull use. It komliments the way we seek varied and sometimes even playfull sitting positions. It’s a minimalist design composed of a single piece of bended plywood with a transverse foot rest. Design: Michael C. Poulsen

NO NONSENSE (Award winning design)
The coffee table is inspired by a match box and is based on the perfect balance between form and function. The table top slides in both directions and reveals a vivid colored hidden compartment in each end of the table. Design: Michael C. Poulsen