Impressions from the four seasons captured and put into an emotional designer ring series. The rings are defined by a clear graphic pattern. We all have each our emotions, memories and traditions related to each season and therefore the rings become personal.
Design: Michael C. Pousen

The butterfly symbolizes supreme transformation and being set free. It symbolizes our ability to reshape and re-sculpt ourselves in mind body and spirit.
Design: Michael C. Poulsen

Our lives are defined by the sum of all the choices we have made thrugh life. Every time we have made such choice we have been standing at a crossroads. This ring symbolizes the choices we have made and which have brought us where we are today. The ring will symbolize each our personal story.
Design: Michael C. Poulsen

Love is in our natureā€¦ and our existence is highly dependent on love. This ring symbolizes that love is found everywhere… sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper or even carve it out to reveal it. This ring is designed with a unique cross section that reveals a heart when a special cut is applied.
Design: Michael C. Poulsen

On My Mind is an example of a minimalist piece playing with visual balance and graphic proportions to obtain a perfect harmony. The ring has a lot of personal symbolism. It’s the opposite of loneliness, two people being together or longing for each other, a memory of someone or the perfect friendship ring.
Design: Michael C. Poulsen

A graphic play. An architectural masterpiece translated into an elegant designer ring. The shape is originated from an architectural project for an Opera House at the Copenhagen harbour front by Michael C. Poulsen. This design is a graphic play with geometry, voids and masses.
Design: Michael C. Poulsen