E132, Family house
Funkis-inspired one-story 180 m2 family house. Bright and high-ceilinged home with staggered ceiling levels and skylight intakes. The characteristic circular window has become the signature of the house. Layout of outdoor tile area and landscaping.
Architect: Michael C. Poulsen

Establishment of bathroom in former kitchen
In a combined 4th floor apartment in Nørrebo a former kitchen was turned into a new bathroom. The project included casting of a new concrete deck.
Architect: Michael C. Poulsen

FE53, Penthouse
Close to the sky. A small condominium turned into a large two-story penthouse with its own roof terrace. Design and planning of the aggregation of two adjacent apartments. Conversion of an empty attic into a living area and private roof terrace.
Architect: Michael C. Poulsen

“The detail completes the product”
– Michael C. Poulsen